MAY 20, 2017 Sixth Sunday of Easter (cycle A)

The Spirit remains with you and will be within you.” John 14:17B
“I am in God
And you are in me
And I am in you.” John 14:20

Thank you Holy Spirit.  We’re asking that you flow afresh on us.  We need refreshers Holy Spirit.  You came to us when we were baptized, when we were confirmed.   You came to us even though we didn’t ask.  Like when we were baptized.  That’s where we first encountered You.  Throughout our lives, throughout so much sadness, throughout so many good things –  things we didn’t know about; instincts, good instincts that kept us from harm – crashes that were avoided “somehow?”  So many good things, so many protections. Some said angels – perhaps.   But I think it was You.  We look up at the last minute, make a turn, crash avoided. Yeah, so much is You and we take You for granted cause we don’t even know it’s You half the time.
You’re the Spirit of Truth!   And that’s so important to know what is true and what isn’t.  Sometimes we try to fool our selves, about ourselves.   We think a whole lot better of ourselves than we deserve.   And sometimes we’re so down on ourselves, and so discouraged, and we think so poorly of ourselves. But You’re there with Your comfort, helping us remember some good things too, to balance our “untruthieness” about ourselves and situations.   Holy Spirit we can never get enough of You or that there’s only so much of You that we can take (chuckle).   Because of our shattered community and our emotional fragility as it were.   Everything all at once would probably blow us over and make us confused and start talking gibberish. (Laughter!) Oh Yeah – talking in tongues is talking gibberish!  OK, maybe so.                                                                     We thank you Holy Spirit, cause You’re always where we need You.  You’re always within us.   Help us be aware of you’re presence!   Help us be aware of the gifts you have given us!  The truths You have instilled in us that guide our lives, that keep us from making disasters out of our life.   It doesn’t take too many wrong turns before we’re all screwed up and all confused and all mixed up.   Yeah, we may make wrong turns, but thank You for not letting us make too many wrong turns.   And You’re there to give us new life, new hope to pick us up and remind us of Jesus all the time.                                                                                 You are the Love, theologically, between the Father and the Son. And I just got a feeling today that all love within us – it is You – it’s You all along – teaching us through our loves and those things we don’t love; and through bad experiences and good experiences.  You are the Wisdom there, the Wisdom within the Love teaching us.   Thank You so much Holy Spirit. Thank You. (praying in tongues)


My anointing is always fresh.  My anointing is always new.   My anointing is always love.  My anointing changes you, helps you to grow, helps you to unite with others, helps you to be strong together, helps you to change the things of the earth.   My anointing never stops.   My anointing is constant.   It flows into you, it flows through you, to touch others, to touch creation.   Everything is connected.  There’s not one thing in this whole universe that is not connected and what flows through you to others, to creation, is My anointing, given freely, abundantly, constantly, unconditionally, full of love, full of love, full of love for this whole universe, full of love.  Be aware of My Wisdom.  My Wisdom makes you aware, to flow constantly, to know you are loved.   Be aware of others who need love. Be aware of the creation that may need your help.   Be aware.   Be aware and know my love goes before, has been there, is waiting for you, is waiting for you, for the moment of your life is waiting.   (praying in tongues)

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