MAY 13, 2017 Mother’s Day Fifth Sunday of Easter (cycle A)


Thank You Lord for Your presence.  It comes in so many forms.  Lord, the results of the same.  We can feel You.  Sometimes we can’t. But the times we feel You presence, they can be overwhelmingly sweet, precious, full of Your peace….feeling Your love go just deep within us….sometimes even when we feel so unlovable.  Your love is always so constant.  Our lives get so busy Lord, and there are so many things we have to do.  But if just on a sheer chance, Your presence just comes through – just a little –swoosh!   Man that’s awesome.   Sometimes it can Swoosh! when we least expect.  But it’s always there.  The true gift that would be outstanding is perfect presence, Lord. Always, always aware of that love, and then when we see things that we find disturbing, instead of always being so judgmental, we see these people as you love the unlovable, as You love the sinner, as You love the one that’s hurting us.  It changes everything Lord.  It changes everything.  Our vision is so limited. Our scope of understanding is so small.  It’s hard enough to even understand ourselves so often. “I don’t know why I did that? Oh, it just happened!” Yeah, things just happen. We don’t know why. Sometimes we act so foolishly, and viciously too sometimes. Yeah.  But Your love is a constant.  In this place.  In every place.  Around us.  Within us.  In this universe.   Beyond this universe. Yeah. Yeah.   It’s always constant. THE CONSTANT OF GOD IS LOVE. (laughter) I don’t know math for beans, but it sounds right. Thank you Jesus – always free for love.   (praying in tongues)


My children before there was anything, I was.  I AM ALWAYS.  I AM LOVE.  I AM where you were first envisioned.  I AM before you were born.  Yes, I knit you in your Mom’s womb, knit there.   When you took your first breath, oh yeah, not just the air, but My Spirit of love within you.  My love, every minute from before – till you’re with Me in eternity.  My love gives light – gives being before there is life.   But most of all My love is tender, Divine in laying down My life for you.   Divine to pay any price so that you know My love for you is beyond anything you can understand – anything you could measure.  The place of my love – that’s everywhere.   Through however many universes you understand.   My love is everywhere.  That’s the place.  That’s the place. This place is as full of My love as My love is beyond the universes. There is no limit. There’s no spreading out.   It’s like a hologram.   No matter how much you divide it up, it’s a whole.   You divide a hologram, you don’t get half a hologram, you get another whole hologram.   You divide up that hologram, you get another whole hologram.   My love, it’s like a hologram.   It’s 100% everywhere, everywhere.   It doesn’t diminish as it spreads.  You can’t diminish My love, no matter how much you spread it.   It only grows.  It only grows.  It only grows.  It never diminishes.  I am 100% with you, within you, loving you 100%.



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