April 29, 2017 Communion song: “We want to be where You are”

Thank you Lord.  Bless You Lord.  We just want to be with You Lord.  Wherever You are we just want to be there.  Well, we’re here anyway, but we don’t want to worship from afar.
We want to worship in intimacy, in the deepest realms of our souls. That’s where You are. That’s where You talk to us. That’s where You dwell. That’s where You’re enthroned. That’s where we can worship You, completely, openly, before You, as helpless and as wonderful as You have made us.
Lord, sometimes it feels like you are far.  Sometimes our problems just swoosh! crash in on us, and maybe our problems just fall right in front of us -keeping us from seeing You again, from feeling You within us, keeping our hearts from burning.
So Lord, we ask You for a stronger presence. Less problems too. Less problems. I’d like that! (chuckle)
But sometimes that can’t be helped.. (Laughter!)  Because sometimes we can be stupid. (chuckle)  And You allow free will.  But Lord Your presence can burn through anything, set our hearts on fire, and see You right there when we couldn’t see You there before.
Lord God, help us to be intimate too with ourselves, to honestly look for You within us. To claim Your presence there.  Not not be afraid to claim Your presence within us.  And to act as Your presence would require us to act.  Thank You Jesus  (praying in tongues)


My little ones I am within you, within your heart and soul.   Come walk with Me, through you, as I point out the treasures I have given you there.  Yes, some of these treasures seem to be great crosses.  Seem to be – great difficulties.  Yes, seem to be.   But as your life progressed I poured out strength within you – insights to yourself and other people.   Come often with Me within you.   Meet Me there within you that I may teach you more and more what I have given you, and maybe, maybe you will find your deepest joys, your deepest ecstasies there.   Come walk with Me within you.