To A Spiritual Adventure

Celebrating a Catholic Charismatic Mass
Saturdays at 4:00 pm
A Home Church
1270 NE 26th Terrace
Pompano Beach

Mother Joan McDonnell Sharas, Pastor
The Communion of Synodal Catholic Churches
Diocese of Florida

Please call before 3:00 pm or leave a message for a call back


It is a Catholic Mass using the same format as every Catholic Mass.  What Makes it Charismatic?  There are usually some signs of the gifts of the Holy Spirit like  praying in tongues and should the Holy Spirit desire, prophesy.
There will be a communion meditation
Most of all there will be a lot of singing
After Mass there will be prayer for individuals who request it.

After the Prayer of the Faithful and right before Offertory, there is the Sign of Peace
The rubrics are a little different.  For the prayers of the Cannon.  After the Holy, Holy, Holy we do not kneel, but respectfully stand as we are able.

All those baptized into Jesus Christ are the priestly people of God and are encouraged to say the words of consecration with the priest:

 “Take this all of you and eat it.  This is my body which will be given up for you.” 

Then for the cup,  
“Take this all of you and drink it.  This is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting covenant which will be shed for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven.  Do this in memory of me.”

At the end of the Cannon, just before the Our Father, you are also invited to say or sing the

“Through Christ, With Christ, In Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, all glory and honor is yours Almighty Father, forever and ever.


We have long recognized that this is not our table, but the Lord’s table.
Jesus is the host of this Eucharistic meal.
It is Jesus who invites you to come and receive of him.
It matters not what Church or Denomination you are affiliated with, if any.
What matters is that you respond to the invitation of Christ
in accord with your heart’s desire to come to him.

As a Catholic faith community we recognize that we encounter
the living presence of the risen Christ.
In the consecrated bread and wine of the Eucharistic meal.
as such, we refer to the bread and wine as his holy Body and Blood.

We also recognize that Holy Communion
is not a reward for any accomplishment or achievement of our own,
but rather, it is a gift offered to us by God’s grace,
so that we would be enabled to be the Body of Christ,
the presence of Christ, in the world.

Catholic, but not Roman?

There are quotes from the Vatican II Documents, another from St John Paul II, some Roman Catholic theologians.  I’ve also done research on the history of Old Catholic.  Perhaps when the webpage is up and running, I can include it all.  But for simplicity, I choose to use this quote from Cardinal Ratzinger who was in charge of the Department of The Doctrine of The Faith during the papacy of St John Paul II.

“Therefore there exists a single Church of Christ.  The Church which, while not existing in perfect communion with the Catholic Church, remain united to her by means of the closest bonds, that is, by apostolic succession and a valid Eucharist … Therefore, the Church of Christ is present and operative also  in these Churches.”  Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (later Benedict XVI), Dominus Jesus, Section IV: Article 17

Our Communion’s apostolic succession comes from three lines: Roman Catholic (Carlos Duarte Costa – Brazil), Old Catholic and Anglican.



I  Jesus Is Condemned To Death 
Do you see Me bruised and bleeding?  I have been mocked, beaten, scourged before ever being condemned.  I am innocent.  I am the savior.  This very condemnation is a mockery, not only for me, but a mockery for all those who seek justice in this world.  I tell you truly, My children, you will never find true justice here, but only from the loving hand of the One Who loves you from all eternity. To remain one in Me, you must be willing to be bruised, bleeding, mocked – not because that is the way that I want it, but because that is how the world has twisted itself.  I call you to be one with Me, but in all fairness, I must warn you about how you will be condemned for following this call.  And so let Us begin Our road to Calvary.

II  Jesus Carries His Cross
My hands are tied to a heavy beam balanced across My back.  It is awkward and heavy and these worn out streets are far from smooth.  This wood seems so much heavier since it is restring on a multitude of open sores.  It is such a challenge to carry this burden that will be the source of My death and ultimately of My resurrection. My children, bear My cross with Me, the cross you bear does not really belong to you alone.  Whatever you suffer – I have suffered that first.  Through this passion I have taken on every disease and every torment.  I live in you.  Your sufferings are My own.  Bear them as courageously as I bore My cross.  Our journey is one.  Our cross is one.  My courage I give to you.

III  Jesus Falls the First Time
Balancing this heavy burden is too much.  I stumble.  I fall.  I hit My face into the ground.  The crown of thorns are pushed deeper into My skull.  What pain!  What a mess!  I am almost knocked senseless by this blow.  My children you all have heavy burdens that you must balance.  I know you stumble and fall flat on your face, hurt so badly and make a mess of things. The soldiers pull Me up.  In My dizziness and nausea I can barely get the footing I so desperately need to prevent Me from falling immediately.  My little ones when you fall and are in pain, I am there to pick you up.  I put you on a firm footing and strengthen you for the journey.  Do not think that you are better than Me – that you should never fall.  Every fall should make you run to Me, cling to Me, never letting Me go.  Every fall should help you understand those around you, who also fall so badly.

IV  Jesus Meets His Mother
I have been looking for eyes of compassion; eyes that understand who I am, what this is all about.  Where are My disciples?  Do they still believe?  They all ran away last night.  Well, except for Peter, his eyes won’t be here.  My journey is only going to get more painful and I’ve just begun this terrible death walk. Wait!  There they are!  Eyes of compassion!  Oh no!  Please God, no!   She shouldn’t be here.  Emma!  My mama’s eyes of true love and courage.  She longs to take this pain from Me.  Her worst pain is that she can’t.

V  Simon Helps Jesus Carry His Cross
Poor Simon.  Look how he was forced to help a condemned prisoner.  In my concern for him My pain diminishes.  He was probably  in a hurry, taking a short cut through the city, trying to get some last minute errands done before the festivities, and this man of good reputation, gets stuck with helping a criminal. Yet it is for the reluctant ones like these that I suffer.  He is so privileged to help Me carry this cross, but oh how he fights it.  There are so many I have called to help Me, but some find that the work is not prestigious enough, takes too much time, or find their own interests more important.  I have called you all to pick up your cross and follow Me.  I really need your help.  I just can’t do it alone.

VI   Veronica Wipes the Face of Jesus
It is hot as the afternoon sun is mounting its place in the sky.  Sweat mixed with blood not only burns My eyes, but blurs My vision.  If I cannot see I will fall again.  Women are such a blessing – so compassionate in the face of such atrocities.  Veronica uses her own head covering to wipe My face.  She risks her own mockery as she uncovers her head in public.  According to the judgment of the crowd around her, she endures this embarrassment, not for a noble cause, but for a condemned criminal. My children do not judge causes or others by the world’s standards, but judge by the compassionate heart I have given you.  Your hearts are naturally compassionate if you allow the wounds there to heal, the scabs to fall off.  I have carefully molded each one of your hearts, so that they will be able to contain limitless amounts of Love – so that they will be able to hold Me.  I know My children, that it is not easy to follow the compassion of your hearts, because of your own woundedness or the mockery of others.  But if you ask Me, I will be happy to give you more than you need to be compassionate. 

VII   Jesus Falls the Second Time
I struggle to continue this painful journey.  In all my pain I try to concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other.  That should be simple enough.  But there is unbelievable pain, shouting and shoving from the crowds, rocky pavement inclining upwards and most of all I am distracted by My own thoughts.  My concentration fails.  One step in front of the other is too much and down I go.  This time my knees bear the brunt of it and My hands too are skinned.  I have fallen many times like this as a child at play, but now there is no one here to console Me – just rough ropes pulling on Me. My little ones, I know how easy it is to loose your concentration for the journey I require of you.  I only ask that you take one baby step at a time.  Do not fool yourselves into thinking that is so easy that you don’t have to pay attention.  You need to keep focused on Me or you will fall.  The most devastating effect of this type of fall can be discouragement.  You keep telling yourself – it should have been so easy.  You think you must be really very bad to fall so easily.  But be warned My children, it’s when things seem easiest, you think you don’t need Me.  You take your focus off Me and you fall.
When you have fallen you need to remember how much I love you, make you strong and set you back on the road.  You see I understand all about falling.  I know what you need and I will provide it.

VIII   Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem
Women of Jerusalem, your tears for Me were first shed for members of your families who were tortured or executed by the Romans.  Your standing here, weeping, shouts for all to see, how unjust, how awful your pain is too.  And you really feel for Me and My family and this injustice.  You cannot know how deeply unjust My death is.  I feel I should cry for you.  There is more injustice ahead as you and your families become victims of more violence still to come.
My children, so many of you have cried many tears for the pain of others.  It is a gift of compassion for them.  Grief shared is lessened.  But your gift of compassion came at a price.  The cost of your own tears, your own suffering, your own grieving.  You still feel all that pain within you.  Tears shed for others can heal your grief too.  Be generous with this gift.

IX  Jesus Falls the Third Time
I feel near death.  I feel like I will die before My journey is over.  I feel I have certainly lost control – that I am just being dragged along by circumstances.  There is no way that I can prevent Myself from falling again.  I hurt everywhere.  I would like to lie down on the ground until I die, but the crown of thorns prevents Me from resting My head against the ground.  Even though I’m down now, I cannot find rest.  Pain – only pain is what I find.
The soldiers are angrier than ever.  I am taking too long.  They want to get this over with, so they can go home.  They kick and whip Me.  My legs are like jelly.  I am sure they won’t hold Me if I get up.  Officers yell at the soldiers to drag Me along as I am almost there.
My children know that there are many times on your journey that you feel like you’ve lost control, dragged along by circumstances, compelled into certain behaviors.  You know your weaknesses will make you fall.  You know that when you fall, you will be in more pain than ever.  Others come to mock you, criticize you when you are down.  It makes you want to stay down there in your pain.
When you are dragged down, My little ones, call on Me and I will give you life giving water.  I will anoint you with the power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen you.  You cannot understand how deeply I long for you to reach your journey’s goal.  I have planned this for all eternity.  My desires for you have reached through all the ages preparing this journey for you.  Focus on Me.  Listen to My words.  Love Me.  Victory is yours even in the deepest pain.

X   Jesus Is Striped Of His Garments
Not only must I endure the humiliation of being executed for fulfilling my ministry of preaching the Good News and loving everyone, but I must also bear the humiliation of nakedness.  It is considered the ultimate insult to have your nakedness uncovered.  I who should be dressed in royal robes, am now wearing nothing but My wounds torn open again.  The terribleness of My beatings is now exposed.
My children, so often you cry when your woundedness is exposed.  You feel the pain all over again, as if the wounds are newly inflicted.  Give Me each wound.  Expose them all to Me.  Hide nothing from Me.  Bear the pain of this, because it is this pain that will bring your healing.  And if the woundedness of others is exposed to you, bring My healing to them.

 XI  Jesus Is Nailed To The Cross
The pain has almost become a blur, one pain melting into another.  But here is the ultimate physical pain of this passion. The nails break many small bones, tear into shreds many nerves.  The nails constantly rub against the nerves, sending shutters of pain throughout my entire body.
I am nailed to this pain.  I cannot run from it, but simply endure it. I cannot run from mockery, hatred, death.  There is no escape, except in My mind.  I need to pull My focus from My pain, and back unto the ones for whom I bear this pain. My children, you must never run from the path on which I have placed you. You must let your love for Me keep you nailed to the course.  If you think the course is too painful for you to bear, ask for an increase of My love.  Refocus your vision on the end of the journey – on Me.  There is no pain given you which is too great for you, because My loves increases with the pain.

 XII  Jesus Dies on the Cross
Ah, the stages of death all fade.  Sight is gone from My eyes.  Noise gone.  Pain forgotten. The emptiness and darkness envelope Me.  I feel like I am inside of Myself. I am so relieved at this peacefulness.  It is done and I am finished.
Yet I float.  I see Myself dead on the cross.  Emma, John, others are weeping.  I see with new eyes, divine eyes, seeing their souls.  This separation is so painful for them. My children, separation from a loved one is always painful – even for a short time.  You often must wait many years before you can rejoin those who passed on before you.    Deep grief is the price you pay for deep love.  Yet it is this love that can help you with all the sadness as you focus on your memories of them.  Comfort yourself with the peace, the love, the joy they are basking in.  Love never dies.

XIII  Jesus Is Laid in the Arms of His Mother
I am your mother who held you, my son, when you took your first breath.  And now this will be the last time I get to hold you, kiss your forehead, and rest my head next to yours, my little boy.  Would that I could kiss all your sores, but there are too many and it wouldn’t make them better.  Simeon was right about how you divided a nation and yes, it feels like a sword pierces my heart.  Would that I could bear a hundred swords to have lessened your pain.  I can’t let your body go, can’t let them take you away, can’t allow my arms be empty.  The emptiness will be permanent. O Dear God!  Why?  He suffered so much!  Weren’t You watching?  Are You satisfied now?…  At least he can’t be hurt anymore… I know he wasn’t really mine… Yes, I can accept that permanent emptiness for his peaceful tomb… I can’t think, talk or pray… I hurt too much.

XIV Jesus Is Laid in the Tomb
I am laid in peace in the quiet darkness of the tomb.  There is no time for my body to be honored with the ointments.  Yet here – hidden away and unhonored by humanity – God’s greatest miracle is about to take place.  God loves to surprise God’s creatures.  So in those hidden places, in those whom the world does not honor God does God’s best work.
My beloved, be patient with the dark places in your journey.  Do not be concerned about receiving praise from others.  Trust in My love.  Be still.  Know that I am doing My best work within you there.
Here is the end of your journey too.  Like the end of My journey, it will seem your death is the end.  But in God’s miracles and surprises, you will be resurrected with Me.  This is how I always see you – resurrected, glorified, crowned, My beautiful Beloved.